A letter to our Mother's

We are so sorry to inform you, but we feel we have no other option but to postpone (not cancel) our Mother’s Day Sunday Lunch (22nd March).

This decision has not been taken lightly and has involved much soul searching.  The Government has essentially delegated the moral dilemma to the leisure sector.  As much as we have been minded to carrying on regardless and invoke “the spirit of Blitz”, on balance it boils down to one thing.  What if, having promoted a “mass gathering”, contrary to the Government’s policy of social isolation, one of our guests or staff was taken ill or worse?

We have taken this decision now, rather than adopting a wait and see approach, to allow you time to make alternative arrangements to spoil your mother.

In the meantime, until circumstances change, we will continue to operate as a hotel.  Given the dearth of customers there is no way we could be accused of hosting a mass gathering!

We apologise to you all, including our staff who will miss out on the possibility of another shift.  But once this terrible situation is over and all our mother’s (including those who are currently in self isolation) are back in circulation we look forward to welcoming you all. 

Until then, keep safe and well.


All the team at the Arden.